Louis Béziaud

What do I do?

I am currently a PhD student at both UQÀM (CA) and IRISA / Univ Rennes (FR), supervised by Sébastien Gambs, Tristan Allard and Elisa Fromont. I hold an MSc in computer science from ENS Rennes & Université de Rennes 1 (FR).

My research interests cover various aspects of privacy, fairness and related societal issues. My PhD subject is titled Towards an ethical and privacy-friendly development of artificial intelligence in law and justice.


You can reach me at beziaud.louis@courrier.uqam.ca. My PGP key is here.


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Past Work

More details in my CV.

In 2018 I did a 3-months internship with Sébastien Gambs at UQÀM (CA) on the anonymization of court decisions.

I completed my Master's thesis in 2018 at Inria Grenoble (FR) with Claude Castelluccia and Daniel Le Métayer on the privacy of national identity systems. I did an extensive survey of existing identity systems used around the work with their respective functionalities and requirements. I reviewed multiple technologies related to identity management and the possibility they offer. Finally, I conducted a high-level privacy risks analysis of the french TES identity database using the PRIAM framework. [src]

Summer 2017 I worked with Philippe Bonnet at the IT University of Copenhagen (DK) on distributed storage solutions for the edge computing paradigm. I reviewed recent technologies for distributed storage in large-scale un-trusted networks. In particular I studied the use of blockchain-based storage on programmable smart SSDs. [src]

As part of a 2017 school project I worked with Antonin Garret and Arthur Queffelec, supervised by Emmanuelle Anceaume and Romaric Ludinard, on a permission-less distributed framework for traffic sensing by the crowd. [src]

I did a 2-months internship in 2016 with Tristan Allard and David Gross-Amblard at IRISA Rennes (FR) on privacy-preserving crowdsourcing platforms. We considered skill-aware matching of tasks and workers in crowdsourcing. I proposed a a simple scheme based on local randomized response, and proposed multiple noise-resilient metrics using a skills taxonomy. This work was later published at the DEXA'17 conference. [src]


Nicolas St-Germain, undergraduate student in journalism at UQAM : 6-months internship on "Targeted advertising services", co-supervised with Sebastien Gambs, Jean-Hugues Roy and Maude Bonenfant, 2019.