Louis Béziaud

I am an MSc student in Computer Science at ENS Rennes & University of Rennes 1 (France) in the Research in Computer Science master. My research interests cover various aspects of privacy and related societal issues.

You can reach me at louis.beziaud@ens-rennes.fr (gpg)


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  1. Louis Béziaud, Tristan Allard, David Gross-Amblard
    Lightweight privacy-preserving task assignment in skill-aware crowdsourcing
    28th International Conference on Database and Expert Systems Applications, 2017
    short full slides


more details on my résumé. reports available on GitLab

  1. Privacy-preserving identity management systems, 2018 Master's thesis
    Claude Castelluccia and Daniel Le Métayer, Privatics team, Inria Grenoble
  2. Distributed storage solutions for the edge computing paradigm, 2017
    Philippe Bonnet, IT University of Copenhagen
  3. Inducing a skills taxonomy from Stack Exchange's folksonomy, 2017
    Tristan Allard and David Gross-Amblard, DRUID team, IRISA Rennes
  4. Permission-less distributed framework for traffic sensing by the crowd, 2017
    Emmanuelle Anceaume and Romaric Ludinard, IRISA Rennes
  5. Privacy-preserving crowdsourcing platform, 2016
    Tristan Allard and David Gross-Amblard, DRUID team, IRISA Rennes